Renting out

You are planning on renting out your home, but this usually takes a lot. HouseSupply takes over all your ‘worries’ and prevents a long vacancy. We are happy to advise you on the rent and other substantive matters. When we include your property in our database we will visit you to discuss your requirements and needs. We will then take pictures of the property and place it on our website and also put it on various rental platforms such as, HouseSupply is also active in various social media channels that fit in well with the audience. Also, partnerships have been established with local businesses where promotion and advertising can be offered for your living space.

Below a step-by-step plan of our working method:

1. Introduction and interview with a rental agent of HouseSupply.

2. Inclusion of the property and taking pictures.

3. Placing the property on the website and promotion through various channels.

4. Screening of potential candidates and visitation.

5. Propose candidates and with approval sign the contract.

6. Receiving the first month’s rent+deposit and putting it on your account.

7. Key transfer.