Adrian Banach: Awesome service! I flew into the Netherlands with no place to stay and less than a week to find one... and thanks to Loran I had a place of my own in just a few hours! I called and set up an appointment on the train ride from the airport, and I literally went with my suitcases straight from the train station to meet with him. The 2nd room he found for me was perfect. I highly recommend this service to anyone trying to find a place! Loran will help you get what you need :) - Adrian, a happy expat.

Yannick Prins: Super good service. I was urgently looking for a house and it was arranged within 2 days! The handling and preparation of the contract Loran has handled quickly and well. I live right in the center now en on Saturdays i have the market right in front of my door! All in all very pleased with my new home and the service of HouseSupply.

Jose de Ridder: We are particularly enthusiastic about the mediation by HouseSupply. Within two weeks our son had a nice living space in the center, really neat. HouseSupply arranged everything quickly and professionally for us, we literally had nothing to worry about. What we also experienced as very pleasant is that you can call at any time with any questions, you always get a listening ear. No registration fees and you will be actively searched for a living space that suits you. We can therefore recommend Housesupply to everyone!

Iris: Thanks to Loran from Housesupply, I was able to rent a studio in Apeldoorn within 2 days. Loran is always super fast accessible, even on Sunday evening he took extensive time to help me. In short, super good and fast service, and he really does his best to help you with a cool home!

Mathis Auguin: Being a French foreigner, I was a bit lost with the Dutch house renting system. I felt like the rental agencies were robbing me with all the fees you have to pay in order to only send an information request. Most of the time without any kind of reply. I struggled for 3 months without any success until I came across HouseSupply. For that point on, everything went great and very fast without any premium account scams and unreplied messages. House supply is an authentic company which provides real contact with people, who are actually willing to help and give some answers. Thanks to them, I had the keys for my new apartment within a week after the first contact ! I highly recommend HouseSupply, especially for foreigners. Thanks for your honesty and trust.

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