HouseSupply takes all your worries about the managment of your property out of your hands. The aim is to build lasting relationships between clients and tenants to get the most efficiancy out of your property and avoid vacancy. Also, your tenants can contact us with questions about various matters, and we provide solutions where needed.

Commercial management

As an owner of real estate property, you often do not have time to find suitable tenants, conduct visits and prepare leases. HouseSupply takes all these tasks of of you. We screen candidates creditworthiness and make a seletion based on your wishes and needs.

Financial management

HouseSupply can take all the financial affairs of your property under management. If you agree with our proposed candidate to move in your home, we ensure that we take up the first month’s rent before key transfer takes place and immediately put the money on your account. The rent is paid monthly on our account and so we can accurately keep track of all the rental fees and take action in case of overdue payments.

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